No gimmicks!!
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Some companies offer "sales with up to 50% off", we have always thought that if they can sell it 50% off then they have been overpricing from the start.

Some companies will offer "Factory prices" but unless they are the factory/manufacturer then they cannot sell it for what they are paying for it can they?

Some companies state they have a "price promise guarantee", that they will beat anothers price, this usually means that if you tell them a price you have had from another they will undercut it, but they won''t offer you a keen price without you first telling them what you were quoted! Again it sounds like they are overpricing!

Here at Abercynon Carpets we aim too keep our pricing keen and offer to you a quality service without hitting the pocket too hard, we constantly review our pricing to be sure you are receiving the best deal we can offer without the need for gimmicks!