Who we are/Where we are.

This is the getting to know us page so what can we tell you?

We pride ourselves on our attitude and enthusiasm to our work environment whether it be in the showroom, or at the customers homes we endeavour to be happy, helpful and efficient. We take our work very seriously try to be smiley, jolly and to enjoy all that we do.  This we hope, makes people at ease with us therefore making our contact more personal and not robotic like some companies. To us you are a person not a pound sign.

Some companies want easy/perfect jobs with no furniture but its not an ideal world and we accept the fact that furniture may have to be moved especially if we work for an older customer or someone with disabilities, but we will do this happily to keep the customer happy.

As well as the free estimating and planning, we also place no extra charges for delivery or for our fitting, because we understand it can be difficult enough choosing your flooring without having an added long list of charges. Free underlay, gripperods and door bars where required* are also part of our sales ideal and distance is no object, after all work is work! Check instore for more details.

We hope our small insight into our company and what we offer will perhaps prompt a call or a visit from you, so please pop in say hello and who knows, you just might like us.

You will find our telephone number and address on the contacts page and we hope to see you soon!

* Free underlay only refers to carpets that require a secondary underlay, be aware that not all carpets require it.